Sewer Jetting

Whatever the nature or location of your drain blockage Total Solutions Drainage has the expertise and technology to resolve the problem and keep your premises operational. We are experts in unblocking commercial, industrial and residential sewers and we are equipped with high pressure water jetting units and a team of experienced engineers.

The first visible signs of a blocked drain may not occur until the problem has been present for a while. It is therefore important that the cause and solution are identified as soon as possible, to ensure the problem can be dealt with at the lowest cost, with the minimum of inconvenience. If a blocked drain is left, there is the possibility of it escalating into a flood, so it is important to deal with issues quickly, to prevent further environmental problems.

Efficient sewer jetting

Mobile jetting units are the first line of response for sewer unblocking or for drain cleaning. High pressure water is used to remove congested contamination, such as grease, dirt, roots, and unflushable materials such as wet wipes, and remove the blockage. All of our mobile jetting vans are also equipped with CCTV probes, to help identify issues and the locations of blockages, and electromechanical cleaning machines which can be used to deal with blockages in remote locations within buildings. Our jetting engineers are fully trained and come with vast experience of assessing problems and offering appropriate solutions.

We operate throughout the UK, and support businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and industrial units.

Please call us on 0800 772 3473 for expert advice and a quotation.